Hair loss prevention has become a widely considered issue later days. with the wide variations in the lifestyle of each individuals and there is increase in pollution in the environment leading to heavy hair loss leading to a connecting issue to men and women, but as the male and female body patterns and hormones are differently functioned even their prevention has a different paths. Hair loss is programmed genetically, there is no guarantee that you can prevent it.

Hair loss prevention for men

When men start to observe hairloss issues, they even lose two things which are most important in their daily routine, their hair and confidence. We often criticize our genetics and hectic lifestyle to be the causes for baldness in males. But that is not the reason, we uneventfully decrease our standards of nutrition in our daily diet, which has a major importance in hair loss prevention for men.

Hair loss prevention for women

Hair loss prevention for women needs little extra care than the usual. Which is avoiding chemical treatments; direct exposure to the sun and unhealthy lifestyle are few important points that need to be taken into note. Using natural shampoos and conditioners like shika kai, ginger, etc can help preventing hair fall for women to a large extent.

Hair growth and loss in both men and women has a different pattern because of hormonal and physical differences However, prevention of hair loss for men and women is not different. We have a few preventive measures to follow :
⦁ Wash your hair with mild shampoo regularly
⦁ Avoid brushing wet hair
⦁ Massage your scalp gently with essential oils
⦁ Massage your scalp with ginger juice, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and it makes your hair shiny and helps in avoiding hair           loss especially in women it helps in dandruff control which can be a cause for hair loss in women on a largescale.
⦁ Occasionally rub garlic juice, onion juice or ginger juice as a conditioner.
⦁ Drink lot of water. Water therapy is a good way for prevention of hairloss.
⦁ Keep your head without sweating.
⦁ Destress yourself. Stress is also one of the most important causes of hair loss.
⦁ Follow a diet that is protein­rich. Proteins is a source of growth and are responsible for the supply of essential nutrients to the     total body for better health, and contribute to possess healthy hair.
⦁ Reduce the intake of alcohol.