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Medication Treatment

Medication Treatment is a treatment for hair restoration that works to stop or slow hair loss and, for some patients, even reverse hair loss. It is important to have an understanding as to how the medications work in terms of what they do and their effects so that you can have a firm understanding for a course of action to stop, reverse, or restore hair.

Most Recommended Prescription Medications for Hair Restoration

There are two primary medications used to treat hair restoration with prescription medication treatment. These two medications are the only FDA-approved medicines used to treat hair loss.

1. medication which is a potent vasodilator that is effective orally for severe hypertension.It was first observed to improve hair loss in male androgenic alopecia in 1980 when used topically. It is effective in both sexes. A topical solution which is a potassium channel operator and enhances hair growth by prolonging the anagen phase of the hair cycle. It is an effective treatment that can be used as a topical solution of 2% and 5%. Approximately 40% of patients used show a significant improvement. When it is effective it is to be continued and gradually withdrawn by tapering the usage of the this medication. Patients should also be warned about the increased hair loss for the very first month of the treatment. This solution is available in two forms liquid and a foam, as a treatment side effects there will be allergic reactions due to a propylene glycol which is used as a vehicle in liquid form. This can be overcome with use of the 5% foam that does not contain this ingredient. Another side effect is hypertrichosis of face or forehead.

2.An oral medication is used for the treatment of male pattern baldness over the crown portion and the middle of the scalp. This is to be used only by adult men. The androgen responsible for male pattern hair loss, so reducing the amount of dihydroxytestosterone which leads to increase in hair regrowth and also slows down the shedding . The Oral Medication promotes scalp hair growth and prevents further hair loss in a significant proportion of men with male pattern hair loss. With its generally good tolerability profile, It is a new approach to the management of this condition. There are 1% adverse effects with this oral medication which includes sexual disorders, decreased libido, erectile dysfunction were this conditions was reversed with discontinuation of therapy. Women and children excluded (not) to use this medication. Even adult males should use under special consideration of the physician. 

A shampoo is highly effective for the treat of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. it has an anti­inflammatory property and also used as androgen­receptor antagonist. The inflammatory condition in Androgenetic Alopecia , hair follicles might also be related to the presence of members microflora that normally seborrheic dermatitis. Hence, This medication will reduce AGA inflammation, improves the hair status. In Female Pattern Hair Loss with hyperandrogenism, shampoo has shown a benefit in treatment.